Red Russet Merman Armor Jockstrap With Detachable Codpiece


Dare to bare?  Then give our Mertailor Merman Armor Jockstrap a try. Perfect for deep water diving and and under the sea exploriation. Enjoy the feel of this soft and silky spandex coverd elastic against your skin with a fully detachable silicone rubber codpiece.  Our unique 3-demisional sculpted codpeice is made for silicone rubber. Choose from 4 colors each with beautiful gold highlighting and black shading. 

Ships in 12-15 business days.


Design Features:


  • Detachle silicone rubber codiece
  • Luxurious spandex covered elastic
  • Silicone Mertailor branded patch
  • Proudly made in the USA




  • 72% Polyester/28% Spandex Blendeastic Waist Band
  • 100% Platunum Silicone Rubber
  • Fast Drying
  • Machine Washable